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Serbian EU-Lobby growing
Just few years ago Serbian was a isolated nation in EU. But today many politicians and burocrats inside of EU institutions looking more positively to Serbian. Last Wednesday more then 60 politicians, burocrats and press-workers attended in 4th anniversary of Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy in Brussels.
Serbians fight to brook down the isolation
Ararat News –Publishing (ANP) – Roni ALASOR – 6/3/2009 / Brussels –Just few years ago Serbian was a isolated nation in EU. But today many politicians and burocrats inside of EU institutions looking more positively to Serbian then before. Last Wednesday more then 50 politicians, burocrats and press-workers attended in the 4th anniversary of Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy. A lobbing institute for Serbia membership on EU.
Among the guest was Member of European Parliament (MEP) Anna Ibrisagic, MEP Victor Bostinaru, Ambassador Basil A. Coronakis from regional Cooperation Council, Daniel Salvatore Schiffer (philosopher and rhetorician) and Ambassador of Serbia to EU Radomir Diklic.
The President of Serbian Institute Mr. Zoran Milinkovic and Brussels Director of Institute Ms. Ana Milosevic was glad over to see so many friends and guests.
-Four years ago when we started we only had an idea and enthusiasm. But today we developed into the institution with remarkable results, in Serbia and abroad. - pointed Mr. Milinković.
Milinković added that in past years Serbian Institute lobbied for Serbia interests on both political and economic level as well as in art and culture sphere.
Dr. Ing Ana Milosevic, the Director of Serbian Institute held a presentation on Strategical plans for the Institute's future.
-Public Diplomacy is a new way of lobbying for Serbia's interests. Our main objectives are to meliorate Serbia's image and straighten cooperation with young elite in diaspora, to promote increasing positive climate change in Serbia as well promotion of Serbian culture and language. -underlined Ms. Milosevic.
Director of Serbian Institute thanked to all friends and supporters of this Institution and said that: " in these hard times of turbulent changes in worlds economy and politics, we do hope in a better future, for Serbia and for EU. During December, Serbian Institute for Public Diplomacy had organized meetings between Serbian Diaspora representatives and members of the European parliament and European Commission. Main topics in these meetings were the accession of Serbia to the EU, visa facilitation and visa liberalization. These issues are key priorities of Serbian Institute and Serbia, as well. Together, we shall continue to fight for a better future for all our citizens, in Serbia and in diaspora."


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